Friday, February 20, 2015

Canadian Government Support For CNC Machining Programs

Canadian Government Support For CNC Machining ProgramsMinister of State for Western Economic Diversification, the Honourable Michelle Rempel, made an announcement that they would spend $935,000 for CAHRD (The Centre for Aboriginal Human Resource Development) to support CNC ( Computer Numerical Control ) skills acquisition for Indigenous students.

This government funded project, under the aegis of the Western Diversification Program, will secure financial backing for CAHRD to acquire the necessary equipment for providing “cutting-edge” CNC Operator training. The program is designed to solve an issue of growing labour shortage, especially in the aerospace and manufacturing arena. CAHRD is cooperating with the industry to develop and provide the training program, so that the graduates can head into the workforce straight away.

The program is offered at Neeginan College of Applied Technology, the post-secondary training institution of CAHRD and in Manitoba, it is the first of the comprehensive and direct CNC Operator training program. CAHRD is cooperating with Monarch Industries to establish integrated production system of manufactured articles as an integral part of the training, and to give work experience opportunity for their students.

Summary of program:

* The program is designed to train CNC machine operators who can use this equipment for cutting, shaping and drilling aluminum and steel for many different manufacturing operations.

* The manufacturing industry is the major industrial arena in Manitoba. It takes up about 11 % of the total GDP and directly responsible for one in eight employment in Manitobans.

* Approximately 5,300 workers in Manitoba are employed directly in the aerospace industry.

* It is estimated that the indigenous population in Manitoba will take up 18 to 21 % of total population by the year of 2031. It will be around 16% increase from 2006. The increasing population indicates important labour force.

* The post-secondary educational institution of CAHRD, Neeginan College of Applied Technology provides certified vocational training program. Almost 1200 of the Neeginan College graduates obtain employment every year.

Improved education in CNC Machining will setup a talent pool the industry can rely on, and the hiring companies can attain more international business based upon these skilled workers.

Endorsement for this vital initiative will promote economic opportunities for indigenous people in Canada. This can lead as an example for other provinces.

(Source: Marketwired: Western Economic Diversification Canada announcement, February 10, 2015)

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