Friday, June 6, 2014

Millwrights: Precision to a Micron

Factories and plants wouldn't be running at full capacity if not for millwrights. These mechanics specialize in taking apart industrial equipment to fix any problems, then putting them back together. Millwrights may do the same jobs as industrial machinery mechanics and maintenance mechanics, but they do more than simply repair and maintain factory equipment.

Due to the nature and scope of their job, many millwrights operate their own facilities and service other factories or plants. A millwright’s facility houses equipment necessary to take apart and fix huge industrial machinery. Millwrights’ tools of trade include hammers and blowtorches, and the always present measuring tools.

The latter are especially important because, apart from repairing and maintaining industrial machinery, millwrights also build them. They can design and build machine parts from scratch, particularly those which are hard to come by or require customization. Precision is key in building machinery parts and this is where the measuring tools come in handy--one miscalculation in the design of a part can spell disaster for the machine it was built for.

The most reliable millwright services make use of state of the art equipment and devices that allow precise measurements down to a micron, to produce various equipment servicing industries that include manufacturing and vital services.

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