Monday, August 17, 2015

Do You Need Ship Repair in Ontario?

Do You Need Ship Repair in Ontario?

Ship repair in Ontario is available via CMM. Our company provides a full complement of marine repair services, as well as overhaul services. We have a facility which is outfitted with all of the latest tools and equipment, and our technicians are highly-skilled, professional and devoted to producing the most impressive results.

When you choose CMM, you’ll be choosing Ontario’s premier ship repair service company. We operate from a former warehouse which is located in Sarnia and Point Edward. This warehouse is filled with parts which are utilized in order to repair vessels which travel the great lakes waterway system.

Whether you need replacement parts, repairs, overhauls or installation, you’ll find that we are able to offer the services that you require. As well, we are pleased to offer emergency repair services at sea. Our technicians will come onto your vessel and fix problems while it’s stationed in the harbour.

Access Expert Workmanship for a Fair Price

We repair many systems on vessels, from engines (which we also install) to generators and beyond. In fact, it’s very unlikely that we won’t be able to help if there’s a problem with your vessel. Our goal is to provide you with affordable and convenient services which are delivered in accordance with industry “best standards”. We’ve built a loyal following over the years, because we offer expert workmanship, high-quality parts and total commitment to excellence.

Our repairs, overhauls and installations will make it possible for you to protect your marine investment. Marine repairs and related services will be carried out promptly, yet never rushed. You’ll access caring service and you’ll never be overcharged for what we provide.

If you’re ready to learn more about our services, we recommend that you visit our official website and view the “marine repair” web page. It comes with a full list of specific services. If you don’t see what you need on the list, drop us a line via email or call us. We’ll let you know if the service that you need is available.

Contact Our Experts Today

If you need ship repair in ontario, you need look no further. We are standing by in order to offer you the services that you need, for good prices. Once you’ve discovered all that our company has to offer, you’ll feel confident to place your trust in us. We are reputable, established and experienced. In fact, CMM has over three decades of experience.

So, why not reach out to us today? When you do, you’ll get the quality marine repair services that you want. If you need help deciding which repairs or related services are right for you, you should know that we are standing by in order to offer expert guidance. If you already know what you need, just contact us and we’ll give you a quote which helps to get the ball rolling.

Great customer service is a given at our company. So, you’ll always be treated with respect. The key to accessing quality is reaching out to us today.


Saturday, July 11, 2015

Checking an Ontario Machine Shop through Standards and Certification

Metal fabrication plays a huge part in the industrial world. The quality of large metal parts must be assured since subpar quality can and will lead to subpar results. After all, these large and sophisticated fabricated metals are used in crucial applications, such as bridges, gigantic valves and aquatic vessel components. These are simply applications where you want to eliminate, or at least minimize, risks. Metal fabrication involves a number of processes and each of them must be performed with precision. One of the most important processes is welding. This process is the main focus when it comes to steel fabrication. Parts that were formed and machined are later assembled as preparation for welding. After they are welded together, another check is done to ensure accuracy.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Boat Leak: Quick Fixes While Heading to Nearest Ship Repair Services

Back in 1911 during the launch of the ill-fated ocean liner Titanic, its engineers claimed that the ship was practically unsinkable. Of course, now we all know what happened to the mammoth ship 103 years ago—it hit an iceberg, which tore a hole through its hull, and not even its state-of-the-art ‘anti-sinking’ watertight door system could save it from its fate. The lesson from maritime archeology shows that no ocean-faring craft is unsinkable. If you’re in the business of living at sea for any stretch of time, or just someone who owns a boat, it’s a grand idea to know at least what to do to patch up a hull leak, or how to do emergency repairs to buy yourself time.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Go to a Conventional or CNC Machine Shop in Ontario for Machining?

Do you need the services of a millwright or machine shop in Ontario? Are you better off with one that uses computerized numerical control (CNC) machining or one that uses conventional machining? Just how are these methods different from each other anyway? CNC Machining Many CNC machines are already in use today, particularly in the manufacturing industry. As the name implies, they are controlled using a computer program as opposed to the conventional machines operated by a human.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Industrial Millwright Services are Valuable for Avoiding Water Hammer

One of the biggest problems that could make you call for immediate industrial millwright services is damage brought about by water hammer. What exactly is it and what are the ramifications that can spring from it? Water Hammer Explained Pumps & Systems defines water hammer as a surge in pressure that can occur in any pumping system. It arises from a sudden change in the flow rate of the fluid moving inside the system. Although this often happens to liquids, it can also happen to gases.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Factors in Choosing the Right Ontario Machine Shop for Fabrication

Metal fabrication encompasses a wide array of activities including welding, boiler-making, blacksmithing, millwrighting, and ironworking. An Ontario machine shop may provide a mixture of these tasks along with a mix of prototyping, machining, field operations, and other related services. IHS Engineering360, a global resource for engineering information, emphasized that these procedures are inherently dangerous and that’s why they are usually outsourced to specialized contractors who provide such services.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Appropriate Ship Repair Services Needed for Sustaining Vital Standards

Industrial millwright services play an important role in ensuring the continuation of essential standards on a large scale across different industries. In industrial applications, one of the most important components is logistics. This aspect becomes especially complex when involving overseas transactions. Ships, or any other type of aquatic vessels, must conform to a set of standards to ensure safety and environment-friendliness.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Canadian Government Support For CNC Machining Programs

Canadian Government Support For CNC Machining ProgramsMinister of State for Western Economic Diversification, the Honourable Michelle Rempel, made an announcement that they would spend $935,000 for CAHRD (The Centre for Aboriginal Human Resource Development) to support CNC ( Computer Numerical Control ) skills acquisition for Indigenous students.

This government funded project, under the aegis of the Western Diversification Program, will secure financial backing for CAHRD to acquire the necessary equipment for providing “cutting-edge” CNC Operator training. The program is designed to solve an issue of growing labour shortage, especially in the aerospace and manufacturing arena. CAHRD is cooperating with the industry to develop and provide the training program, so that the graduates can head into the workforce straight away.

The program is offered at Neeginan College of Applied Technology, the post-secondary training institution of CAHRD and in Manitoba, it is the first of the comprehensive and direct CNC Operator training program. CAHRD is cooperating with Monarch Industries to establish integrated production system of manufactured articles as an integral part of the training, and to give work experience opportunity for their students.

Summary of program:

* The program is designed to train CNC machine operators who can use this equipment for cutting, shaping and drilling aluminum and steel for many different manufacturing operations.

* The manufacturing industry is the major industrial arena in Manitoba. It takes up about 11 % of the total GDP and directly responsible for one in eight employment in Manitobans.

* Approximately 5,300 workers in Manitoba are employed directly in the aerospace industry.

* It is estimated that the indigenous population in Manitoba will take up 18 to 21 % of total population by the year of 2031. It will be around 16% increase from 2006. The increasing population indicates important labour force.

* The post-secondary educational institution of CAHRD, Neeginan College of Applied Technology provides certified vocational training program. Almost 1200 of the Neeginan College graduates obtain employment every year.

Improved education in CNC Machining will setup a talent pool the industry can rely on, and the hiring companies can attain more international business based upon these skilled workers.

Endorsement for this vital initiative will promote economic opportunities for indigenous people in Canada. This can lead as an example for other provinces.

(Source: Marketwired: Western Economic Diversification Canada announcement, February 10, 2015)

Friday, January 30, 2015

CNC: An Ontario Machine Shop’s Answer to High Manufacturing Demand

Canadian manufacturing continues its slow, but steady, growth. Shop Metalworking Technology, the premier magazine for Canadian metal works and manufacturing industries, says that new export orders went up to 54.5 percent this December, compared to October’s 51.3 percent, thanks to gains made in the U.S. economy and the Canadian dollar. Industry experts are convinced that this growth will persist throughout the rest of 2014, and perhaps the first quarter of next year.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Expert Industrial Millwright Services Will Keep Canada’s Oil Pumping

Canada’s energy industry comprises nearly seven percent of the country’s gross domestic product. One of the important components of the industry is the massive pipelines that help deliver oil across the continent. Right now, there are several upcoming pipeline projects slated to begin in the near future. One of them is a pipeline suggested by TransCanada that is supposed to pump over 1.1 billion barrels of oil from Alberta and Saskatchewan to the Eastern Canadian states. With all of this industrial activity, it is no surprise that reliable industrial millwright services like Central Machine and Marine would be needed to help with this expansion. Oil pipelines are major projects that require a lot of metal parts and components to build entire systems. Having a team ready to fabricate the needed parts makes the construction and maintenance of an oil pipeline proceed on schedule.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Established Ontario Machine Shop Can Help the Petrochemical Industry

Oil and natural gas are top fuels that drive several industries today. That’s why it’s important for them to have widespread distribution, whether via oil tankers, roads, or railways; however, the safest and most efficient way to transport oil is via pipelines, which avoids the dangers of spills and derailments. To keep these pipelines in great shape will require the services of a leading fabrication and machine shop in Ontario like Central Machine and Marine.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Skilled Industrial Millwright Services Restore Ships to Working Shape

Cargo shipping is one of the backbones of many modern industries. Container ships ply the seaways with tons of cargo that is used for commercial and industrial purposes; however, the sea can do a lot of damage to a ship. That’s why timely ship repair services are needed to keep these key vessels running. Reliable industrial millwright services from companies like Central Machine and Marine are able to do the necessary repairs needed by damaged ships. Their services can range from propeller repairs to hull patching.